Town of Frisco Child Care

PLEASE NOTE: The Town of Breckenridge is administering the Town of Frisco Child Care Tuition Assistance Program's application in partnership. If you are applying for Frisco Child Care Assistance, throughout the application process, you may receive correspondence that has the Town of Breckenridge logo or Breckenridge listed. For more information about the Town of Frisco Child Care Tuition Assistance Program, please contact Child Care Program Administrator at or 970-668-9128.

Welcome to the Town of Frisco Child Care Application. 

Town of Frisco Child Care Program Goals:

  1. Improve accessibility and affordability of quality early child care for local families and workforce.
  2. Ensure families are not unduly cost-burdened regardless of their income and amount of care.
  3. Help Centers achieve sustainable budgets, while providing quality care, maintaining sufficient reserves, and retaining and compensating teachers.
  4. The public investment should result in positive impact on child outcomes.

Program History:

In mid-January The Frisco Town Council approved a childcare tuition assistance program for families that live and/or work within the Ten Mile Basin to better enable the Town of Frisco to retain the character of our community by enabling local families to live, work, and raise their families in the community. 

This child care assistance program supports the Town of Frisco's 2020-2021 Strategic Plan presented in March 2021.  By allowing more residents to remain in Frisco as they grow their family, supports the goal of Inclusive Community. Additionally, the choice to fund childcare tuition assistance supports the Thriving Economy goal by increasing access to quality childcare for working families, allowing these residents to work in the community.

While, the ultimate goal is to participate with a countywide tuition assistance program, Town Council strongly believes in this is a  priority and does not think local families can and should afford to wait on the implementation of the countywide system, currently predicted to roll-out in 2023.

Program Eligibility:
Read through our Tuition Assistance Eligibility page to see if your family may qualify for tuition assistance through the Town of Frisco. When you create an account and log-in, there will be initial eligibility questions that direct you to the appropriate application.

Program Contact:
For additional information about Town of Frisco Child Care Initiatives, contact Child Care Administrator,