Town of Breckenridge Child Care Program Goals:

  1. Improve accessibility and affordability of quality early child care for local families and workforce.
  2. Ensure families are not unduly cost-burdened regardless of their income and amount of care.
  3. Help Centers achieve sustainable budgets, while providing quality care, maintaining sufficient reserves, and retaining and compensating teachers.
  4. The public investment should result in positive impact on child outcomes.Photo by Kim DiLallo

Program History:

In early 2006 the Breckenridge Town Council created a Child Care Task Force in response to parent, employer, and child care provider concerns about the lack of capacity (child care slots), the long wait lists, and the inability of Centers to retain staff, provide quality care, and cover their costs through tuition and fund raising. Employees were missing work because child care was not available, families were leaving the community because of the cost of living, and Centers were struggling to keep their doors open and provide quality care that is particularly important and impactful during a child’s first 5 years.

The Task Force recommended a multi-prong approach to address the issues and the Breckenridge Town Council launched the Child Care Program in late 2006. Based on the Task Force recommendations, the Child Care Program included the following components:

  • Construction of Timberline Learning Center in 2008;
  • Financial Assistance to the Centers in return for more sustainable business models; and
  • Implementation of a Child Care Tuition Assistance Program to help cost burdened families.

In endorsing the Child Care Program the Town Council determined that public support of child care is an important investment in the community and that quality early child care benefits families, children, employers, and the community at large. Investment in child care helps ensure that Breckenridge is a viable option for families.

Program Eligibility:
Read through our Tuition Assistance Eligibility page to see if your family may qualify for tuition assistance through the Town of Breckenridge. When you create an account and log-in, there will be initial eligibility questions that direct you to the appropriate application.

Program Contact:
For additional information about Town of Breckenridge Child Care Initiatives, contact Corrie Burr at 970.547.3124 or email at

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